Dr. Jeff Moore D.C.

Are battling or balancing your health?

Have you noticed that we as a culture 'attack' a dis-ease? Cancer for example is called an enemy. We are on the battlefield throwing rocks at our opponent, shooting, blasting diseased cells. This thought came to mind while listening to NPR a few mornings ago. The cancer specialist was saying that our medical system is at war with this disease. His point was that words/language of war are used to 'fight' cancer. We in essence attack our body in order to defeat our disease. I think this is a startling idea. What if we changed our concept to wellness care that 'brought a balancing' to the dis-eased part? Would that not change how we look at treatment rationals? Would a change in words change our perception of health and healing?
Chiropractic and most other natural healing specialties work to balance and restore health. We do not see it as a battle of wills of my medicine against your disease. Again, healthcare should be a whole body process that brings balance and harmony to the functioning of the body as a whole.

What if allopathic medicine changed the words they use? Instead of 'charging the enemy', say 'balance the sides' instead? What if more research concentrated on 'both sides of the teeter-totter' rather than focusing on the attack to just one side? Research for balance.

To take a page from Napoleon Hill and Tony Robbins, change words and we change perceptions. Are you ready for a change of perceptions?
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