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Kitchen Cures For Dry Hands

If you are like me, you have dry hands in the winter, so you might try to fit in more oils (olive oil, fish oil, avocado, nuts, ect) into your diet. In the meantime, I ran across a website that gave a recipe for lotion we can make in our own kitchen that avoids all the chemicals and fragrances found in store bought lotions:


I will give you the gist of the article and you can go the the website for more details. The ingredients are easily obtained and takes only a short time to make a 1-3 week supply.

The first ingredient is 1/4 cup of either almond oil or olive oil. The second is 1/4 cup of beeswax. The third is 1/4 cup of coconut oil. Put it all in jar (ie, pickle jar) and put that in a pan of heating water on the stove. When it melts and you have stirred, let it cool and set and wa-lah!! You now have hand lotion sans chemicals and 'natural fragrances'.

When we look at the ingredients, the coconut oil has been used in healing for centuries. When combined with anise, it was found to be more effective for head lice than the pesticide permethrin. For more information on this go to Green Medicine Information (Evidence-Based Medicinal Properties of Coconut Oil).

The ingredient beeswax is also useful for diaper rash when mixed with honey and olive oil. As a side note, the chemicals in many disposable diapers can lead to skin irritation and diapers themselves add tremendously to landfills.

The olive oil and almond oil also helpful for hair and heart. The following website can give more information on these oils:


The famous Greek philosopher Democratus said,"Let us bathe our inside with honey and our outside with olive oil". In Lebanon, there is a grove of olive trees called, "The Olive Trees of Noah" that are 5-6 thousand years old and they still produce olives!

If you will notice, the three ingredients in this lotion are all edible! Hippocrates said, "Make your medicine your food and your food your medicine". In doing this we can eat ourselves to better health!

This sounds so good, I think I'll try it!
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