Dr. Jeff Moore D.C.

Services - Gentle Care for All Ages

Our office provides a wide variety of chiropractic services and patient education to regain and promote health and to aid with function and performance of the body.

Our services include:

I recognize that symptoms exist and that the pain you feel is real. However, symptoms are just that. They are not the problem, they are caused by the problem. Symptoms are the body's way of letting us know something is not right.

I relieve symptoms, of course, but also strive to get to the underlying cause, so that you and I can work together to correct the underlying problem.

Over the years, I have worked with and helped folks of all ages (from 3 week old babies to 85 year old seniors). I especially enjoy it when my senior patients tell me they can now play with their grandchildren with little or no pain. And when I am given the opportunity to work with children, I know that I am helping someone become a healthy adult and sooner than we think, a healthy senior.

Some of the specific symptoms I can help you with include:
There are many techniques and disciplines that I draw upon to help you as my patient. I believe in continuing my education to help me be a better doctor, and help you to understand and experience the fact that health and healing is a natural and normal part of life.
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