Dr. Jeff Moore D.C.

"Whether" It's Hot or Cold...

As you may have noticed from my mild pun on grammer, I want you to know that I mean the weather 'whether hot or cold', will require you to eat with a different kind of food balance and ratio between fats, proteins, and carbohydrates (thats good carbs!).

In the winter I find that I need more protein to stay warm and more fats (ie real butter, avacado, nuts, seeds, ect) to generate calories for heat and energy. I generally use less carbohydrates in the winter because it does not keep me warm. In the summer, I eat less protein and some less fats, and a lot more fruits and vegetables because I need less warmth from the protein and fats. I still eat these foods, but I have changed the ratio of fats and protein to carbohydrates. This way I keep my weight and metabolism in more of a natural homeostasis or balance.

I want you to keep this fact in mind, that it is not only the calories that are important, but to my mind an equal or more importance is the ratio of fats to protein to carbs that you consume. All of us require a different ratio at differing times in life, so I would suggest you start with a third of each and listen to what your body tells you and go from there.
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