Dr. Jeff Moore D.C.

Look Good With Good Posture

photo of healthy man with childIt has been said that correcting faulty posture is a chiropractors 'bread and butter' approach to health care. By that I mean, posture is the first thing that I check when I see a new patient. There is much to tell from a patients posture. Many of us do not notice postural problems in our spouses, children or our neighbors. It is normal to see bad posture; so common we don't notice it. Good posture is not the usual and when we see a person with great posture, we notice it. This is not the way it should be.

It does not take practice to have good posture, because in my personal experience, you cannot practice good posture. It is something that comes from good core muscle tone and proper eating habits. This includes proper weight distribution across the focal points of the body mechanics of the spine and joints.

Here is an easy way to check for posture imbalance in yourself or a family members. While facing the person, look for a levelness of the ears, shoulders, hips, and knees. From this front view, they should each be leve across the horizontal plane. The more tilted the alignment, the more severe the spinal imbalance. If you look from the side (or if you have a plumb line), the ear should line up with the shoulder then the mid back and behind the low back finally crossing the hip. If you sight down a bit farther, the plumb line should go behind the knee and cross the ankle.

If you do this simple screening examination on your children or spouse and have a question on what you found call me at 815.245.4624.
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