Dr. Jeff Moore D.C.

Aging Gracefully

Healthy Older CoupleWhen I was in chiropractic school (Palmer College) lab class, I was charged with dissecting the forearm of a cadaver. I was working about and inch or so from the elbow and uncovered what I'll call a 'string.' When I pulled on it, the cadaver's index finger moved up and went down when I stopped pulling. This amazed me then and still does to this day.

Every time I think about it, I once again marvel at the workings of my own body and how it coincides with everything in nature. Too much water, I drown and too little I dehydrate. Just like a nice bath, the water has to be just right for optimum function and can only flucuate a few degree's 'right or left' for survival.

This mid point is called homeostasis, aka 'harmonious balance of opposing forces'. I make an effort to maintain this balance and as a result, I feel great. I also exercise, eat well and take nutritional supports that work together to give me the best health possible for me.

Aging is not something that frightens me because it is an inevitable part of life. What concerns me is what will happen if I do not take care of what gifts I have in my body. Bad stuff can happen no matter what I do, but if it does happen, I think that I can better cope if I have good a good foundation. Just like my house, I can be blown over by a tornado but other than that, good maintenance will ensure that as I age, I will age gracefully.
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