Dr. Jeff Moore D.C.

Feed The Body To Feed The Mind

According to a newsletter I read by Dr. Dennis Perman, DC, childhood obesity decreased 43% over a ten year period in children between two and five years old. To me it raises a question, "Why is a child 6 or younger suffering from obesity?"

Parents have a responsibility to give their children food that is good for them. Good eating habits in parents can easily start in childhood; good eating habits in children can easily lead to good eating habits as adults.

As a parent, we need to be watchful and careful of what we feed our children. If parents have questions on childhood diets, they should seek professional advice or at least read literature on healthy eating and study different kinds of "dietary styles" to see how they fit in with each as an individual.

If you want you and your child to have a brain that thinks clearly, you need exercise and good nutrition. Dr. Gwen Dewer wrote in her blog, "Parenting Science", that IQ can be improved with exercise. Structural exercise classes and sports are fine, as are playtime, running in the yard, mowing the lawn, roller skating or even tree climbing. You and your child should be physically active. Do something you enjoy or it is likely that the habit of movement will not stick. Hence good health and clear thinking may not stick around either.

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