Dr. Jeff Moore D.C.

Diagnosis and Testing

When you consult with me for a problem, we join in a discussion about your complaint and how we can work together to solve it. We both get a sense of our ability to work together in a way that will help you feel better. If I feel that I can help you, then we go to the next stage.

Our next step is the exam, and here I gather information that helps me to make an informed choice of what I can do to help you and how much I can help you. I can also get an idea of how your problems affect your daily activities. The exam also helps me determine if a referral to another health practioner is appropriate (this could be a podiatrist, accupuncturist, or your medical doctor).

An orthopedic and neurologic exam involves muscle and strength evaluation, joint and spinal motion testing, reflex testing, postural observations and several other areas. We will also arrange xrays or an MRI if I think this will help me to understand your symptoms.

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